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Be Transformed

Important: This is a supplemental pre-campaign course to be used prior to the campaign.  It is not intended for the month leading up to Commitment Day.

The objective of this 4-week Spiritual Advancement Program is to enrich the participant’s sense of peace and well-being through their faith. The general approach of the program is practical application of Biblical concepts to advance God’s desire to sanctify His people to progressively reflect inwardly the heart of His Son. The anticipated result of the program for those who authentically engage the study is that their life will feel more peaceful, more hopeful and have more interactive connection to God.

As leaders, we must remember that the condition of the heart always determines behavior.  Widespread, committed participation to any sort of capital campaign or stewardship emphasis will always be proportional to the spiritual health and level of discipleship evident in the local church.

We encourage each church to start with the 4-week “Be Transformed” course, prior to the start of the campaign. 

This course is a video-driven series (DVD or web-streamed) that works well in various discipleship formats (Sunday school, small group, home group, etc.).  Impact Stewardship partnered with counselor & course facilitator John Murphy ( to leave no “heart stone” unturned (Ps 139), lest it impede the growth and fruit God desires to bring about, both individually and corporately.   For this reason, these first four lessons address heart attitudes that commonly derail a believer’s ability to mature in his/her faith and likewise undermine their full participation in local campaign efforts.

Course Overview

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Video Lesson 1

Video Lesson 2

Video Lesson 3

Video Lesson 4